Pedro Sandoval's "Trashumantes" series encapsulates a visceral journey through the human condition, with each piece speaking to the viewer with a raw, unfiltered voice. The thick, almost aggressive application of paint creates a texture that is palpable, as if the emotions encapsulated within each stroke are reaching out to the observer. The colors are bold and confrontational, a riot of reds and yellows against stark backgrounds, clashing and demanding attention, while the occasional calm blues and greens offer a momentary refuge, a brief respite in the visual cacophony.

The content of "Trashumantes" is a commentary on movement and change, a reflection on the transient nature of existence. The titles, though untitled, suggest a narrative left to the imagination, a story untold but deeply felt, a sense of raw energy, a chaotic dance of creation and destruction, a reflection of the tumultuous journey of the soul. It's an encounter that leaves one unsettled yet deeply moved, a testament to Sandoval's ability to capture the essence of transience and transformation.