Step into Pedro Sandoval's world, a blend of vivid
Neo-Expressionism and Abstract Art.

Discover the Venezuelan artist's celebrated works, impactful exhibitions, and prestigious awards, showcasing his distinct mark on contemporary art.
Creative Explorations

Sandoval's Projects

Pedro Sandoval, in collaboration with Pronovias, creates 'L'Art d'Aimes' by the renowned photographer Antonio Cordero, under the direction of Abraham Gutierrez. In the background, one of the pieces from the 'Cyclopes and Constellations' series.

Pedro Sandoval, together with D-ART, presents a collection in commemoration of the Gold Medal from the Florence Biennale. This collection features 10 paintings from the series "Firenze Colors," created on an extremely lightweight yet resilient canvas made of Carbon Fiber.

byPSS is an organic project that unites, separates, destroys and renews, all that emanates from the elements that conform this multi perceptional and sensorial Exposition - Installation - Performance (EIP). Beings, paintings, monitors, screens, embryos and HonomoH