Universo Psiquico

Pedro Sandoval's "Universo Psíquico" series is a visceral and potent exploration of inner worlds. The bold, impasto textures give the images a tactile presence, each stroke adding depth and intensity to the visual narrative. In "El Venerado," for instance, the thick application of paint creates a sense of immediacy, while the swirling forms in "Arena I" suggest the unending flow of consciousness. The striking use of color, from the passionate reds to the tumultuous yellows, evokes a spectrum of emotions, mirroring the chaos and vibrancy of the psyche. These works seem to encapsulate the tumult of inner thought, each title hinting at a story that underscores the universal yet deeply personal nature of the human experience. The series leaves one with a profound sense of the complexity of the human soul—layered, vibrant, and ever in motion.